CBD Muscle Gel + CBD Oil - Pain Relief Bundle
CBD Muscle Gel + CBD Oil - Pain Relief Bundle
CBD Muscle Gel + CBD Oil - Pain Relief Bundle
CBD Muscle Gel + CBD Oil - Pain Relief Bundle

CBD Muscle Gel + CBD Oil - Pain Relief Bundle

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Want to get rid of muscle pain and inflammation?

This incredible bundle is designed to help reduce inflammation on the inside and help tackle problem areas by doing the same on the outside topically. 

Formulated specifically for people who have issues managing aches, stiffness, swelling, redness, inflammation.

This bundle contains one of our 200ml Pain Relief Formula Muscle Gel - 250mg and one of our 15ml - 5.3% CBD Oil +  600mg Organic Ashwagandha oils. 

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CBD oil has become increasingly popular for its Possible Health Benefits in Recent Years. Research suggests that CBD oil may help relieve Symptoms of Various Conditions, Including Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, Epilepsy, and More. It Can Also Act as a Natural Pain Reliever and Anti-inflammatory Agent and Even Regulate Skin Conditions Like Acne. Additionally, CBD oil is being studied for its Potential to Benefit Overall Cardiovascular Health and Reduce High Blood Pressure. To unlock cbd oil's full potential however, it is recommended to purchase quality CBD oil from a trusted manufacturer.

When Consumed, CBD Oil is Absorbed through the bloodstream and interacts with Cannabinoid Receptors Located throughout the body's Endocannabinoid System. This Can Result in a Surprising Range of Sensations, from an Uplifting Feeling of Relaxation to a Sense of Calm Which Helps Reduce Mental and Physical Tension. Some Users Have Reported that CBD also helped them stay focused on tasks throughout the day and improved their Sleep Quality. Ultimately, CBD oil's effects are complex and depend on individual factors such as how much CBD is taken and how often it's used.

CBD oil is an increasingly popular way to Alleviate Physical and Mental Health Issues. While the Effects of CBD oil are Often Felt Immediately, How long they last can vary greatly from person to person. Factors Such as Dosage, Individual Body Type, CBD oil's Strength, and Consumption Frequency Can All Determine the Longevity of CBD oil's Effects. CBD oil's Effects Can Last Anywhere from four to six hours in the body – Although Results May Vary Depending on Several Factors. For those looking for a Longer-acting option or those who need it for More Severe Symptoms, CBD Oils Should be Taken Daily Over an Extended Period to Provide Ongoing Relief.

Using the Appropriate Dose for Your Body is Key to Maximum Benefit from Your CBD Oil Consumption. We Recommend Starting With a Low Dose of CBD and only Increasing as Necessary Since Everyone's Response to Cannabidiol Will be Different. For those who prefer the Convenience and Discretion of Drops, Measuring out the Exact Dosage on a Dropper is Possible. Swallowing oil directly or using it as an Addition to Food or Drinks Also Carries Many Benefits. To Ensure that You're Consuming CBD Oil Effectively, adjust your dosage based on how your body reacts.

Cannabidiol, or CBD oil, has been touted as a Natural Remedy for Various Ailments and Illnesses Affecting One's health. People Are Discovering Many Benefits of CBD oil, from Alleviating Chronic Pain and Inflammation to Relieving Stress and Improving Sleep. Along with Physical Improvements, CBD oil has also Been Found to Provide Mental Clarity and Focus, Which can benefit those Suffering from Anxiety or Depression. Many Studies Have Confirmed CBD oil's Beneficial Effects on Health Conditions, Including Arthritis, Headaches, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and Other Autoimmune Disorders.

CBD Gel is a Topical Product that can be rubbed directly into the skin. It Contains Compounds Derived from Hemp, But Unlike its Distant Cousin, Marijuana is Not Psychoactive. CBD Gels Can Penetrate Deep into Muscle and Joint inflammation, Targeting Aches and Pains with a Combination of Cooling and Warming effects. This allows for Fast Absorption of the Healing Properties in Many Cases Providing Faster Relief from Soreness than Traditional Medicines or Supplements Alone. The Potential Benefits don't stop there either; many people use CBD Gels to Relieve Eczema, Psoriasis, Headaches, Cramps, and even insect bites!

To use CBD Gel, apply a liberal amount directly onto the area of Discomfort and Massage it into the skin until it is absorbed. Depending on the Format Chosen and Concentration Strength, users may experience immediate or delayed effects after using CBD Gel. When using CBD Gel for the first time, the user should start with a small dose to test out any Sensitivities before gradually increasing the dosage as needed. Always be careful not to get CBD Gel in your eyes or mouth-- if so, rinse away with water. Most CBD Gels only require a single daily application; however, feel free to use them more frequently, depending on your needs.

A CBD Gel Can Be Effective for a Variety of Conditions and Ailments. The Gel Contains Cannabidiol infused with other ingredients known to help Reduce inflammation in the Body, including Antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Studies have found that when applied in an ointment form to specific areas of the Body, such as joints and muscles, it can penetrate through the skin and provide localized relief. Many people have reported reduced pain and improved mobility after using a topically applied CBD Gel. Because These Gels have no known side effects, they are considered a safe option for those looking to address certain health problems while avoiding the risk associated with taking drugs or undergoing surgery.

For those who use CBD to Treat their Chronic Pain, an important question is How Quickly CBD Gel Will start to work. The answer to this question could be more straightforward; the amount of time CBD takes to be Effective can depend on various factors. These include the type of CBD Used, Dosage Amount, Application Method, and individual metabolism. While CBD Gel may show initial effects within minutes for some users, others might experience results in several hours. Ultimately, it may take Experimentation and Mindful Monitoring to Determine the Best CBD Gel Dosage and Schedule that works for you.

CBD Bundles Are a Fantastic Way to Get the Most out of your purchase. A CBD Bundle generally contains CBD Gel, CBD Oil, or CBD Gift Sets at a Discounted Price. This is great if you're looking to stock up on CBD Products or Give Someone a CBD-centric Gift Set. These Bundles Provide Excellent Value for Money as they Contain CBD Products at lower prices than purchasing each item separately. Not only that but these CBD Bundles are often Customized According to one's needs and Preferences for Convenience and Maximum benefit. So, Buying in a Bundle is an Excellent Choice if You're in the Market for CBD Products.

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Never be in doubt about our sources, we are European Industriual Hemp Association licensed and FSA regulated. We only use the best quality CBD extracts to regulated standards.



A wide array of products at the shop include vapes, oils and skincare.. nice and helpful staff. I have some insomnia issues, they asked me several different questions and recommended an oil. Had a good night sleep after a long time. Will definitely shop again. Thank you.

Aveesha Sunee
London, UK

Suffered from anxiety for years and was recommended this website by a friend. Purchased the oil! Literally being feeling the best i have for years. Felt energenic, positive and no signs of anxiety! So happy this place exists! Thanks guys!

B Baradara
South London, UK

My husband and I had our first experience of CBD quite recently and I must say we've had not only the best CBD vapes and gummies but the best service in London so far. Very friendly staff on the phone who took the time to explain everything about their drinks and the products we were interested in. I love their herbal teas because they instantly calm my nerves and make me feel relaxed. My husband loves their coffee with a hint of cbd as it also helps him stay focused better. We've shpopped again since our first time and will absolutely be buying again.

Jinal Soni
London, UK

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